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Hello and welcome on Czech Wikiversity ! If you were about to teach classical Greek, I would like to participate ! --Jkl 8. 9. 2008, 16:04 (UTC)


Hi! Note if you are on the point to found a template, which allready exists on other projects (such as Babel templates), there is a need to ask administrator to import it. This way we do in here, respects the conditions of GFDL license. Thanks for understanding. Next time, ask here: Wikiverzita:Nástěnka správců.--Juandev 8. 9. 2008, 19:24 (UTC)

Your page content[editovat]

Nice machine translation :-D. You just came across several nasty features of our language. We have a lot of grammar rules, heap of exceptions to the rules and many exceptions to exceptions. So:

řecky Wikiverzita

You probably mean "Greek Wikiversity". Here "Greek" is not adverb but adjective bounding to noun which is femininum and in genitive form - correctly "Wikiverzity", so it is not "řecky" but "řecké".

A rád bych, aby přispěla k "rozšíření Wikiverzita"!

So, you are either male:

A rád bych, aby přispěl k "rozšíření Wikiverzity"!

or female

A ráda bych, aby přispěla k "rozšíření Wikiverzity"!

btw, "ráda bych,aby" is gramatically correct, but we rather say only "rád bych přispěl".

I hope I have not discouraged you too much, Czech is one of the most difficult language I know. Generally, majority of Czech Wiki users prefer simple English to machine translation, which does not work well for Czech in majority of cases ...

What about Greek course ? --Jkl 9. 9. 2008, 11:43 (UTC)