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What is WikiPexeso ?[editovat]

  • Wiki+Pexeso (formaly called Memory) is educational game
    • for 2–6 players
    • from the age of 4
    • 64 cards; 32 pairs
    • cards are laid face down; two cards are flipped face up over each turn; it they are same, they are removed and same player can continue turning them face up

Pedagogical aims of WikiPexeso[editovat]

  • practice peoples memory
  • help to recognize animals/important sides in Poland and the Czech Republic
  • promote the interest in Polish/Czech culture and language
  • teach Polish/Czech words

WMF Projects involved[editovat]

  • Wikiversity (organization, data/links)
  • Wikimedia Commons (images used, PDF files, audio files)
  • Wiktionary (audio recordings of pronunciation)
  • Wikipedia (sample text promoting different sides)

So what is that all about?![editovat]

The ways of performing[editovat]

  • hardprints (prepared in DTP e.g. Scribus)
  • Microsoft Surface (preprogramed)
  • PDF file available from Wikimedia Commons+with abrevs (?)

Where to use/present it[editovat]

  • presentations and fairs of Wikimedia Czech Republic and Wikimedia Poland (e.g. Book World 2010, May 13–16 2010 Prague, the Czech Republic)
  • conferences and workshops (e.g. Wikimania 2010, July 9-11, Gdańsk, Poland)
  • other events
  • schools
  • home playing


WikiPexeso Animals[editovat]

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