Uživatel:Juandev/WV Community Agreement

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We, the Community, establish this Agreement to empower contributors and provide a healthy foundation for scholarly studies and academic excellence.

I. First and foremost, we shall undertake to treat each other as honorable and respectable scholars who adhere to the highest standards of scholarly ethics.

II. We cordially welcome all scholars who wish to contribute productively and who sincerely pledge to abide by the terms of this agreement among peer scholars.

III. When any contributor submits a critique of the work, methods or practices of another contributor, we pledge to attend to such critiques promptly, and carefully attend to the presentations of both sides.

IV. All contributors shall be accorded an opportunity to respond to comments and criticisms, and shall enjoy the presumption of having acted in good faith.

V. We shall strive for high standards of personal integrity and good character, adopting no practices that will would bring our community into disrepute.

VI. We will strive for excellence in all that we do, and remain open to continual self-reflection and improvement.

VII. We recognize our own limitations and shall give due deference to those who demonstrate superior levels of knowledge and methods of investigation, study, and research.

VIII. We recognize the importance of all subjects and agree that no subject should be held as more important than any other, as all subjects contribute equally to the sum of all human knowledge.