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Průvodce ČR/Prague in brief

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Napište v angličtině výklad k jednotlivým bodům. Můžete přidávat vlastní body, ale výklad by se měl vejít do 1,5 hodiny.


Wenceslas Square[editovat]

Introduction Hello and welcome in Prague the capital of The Czech Republic. Today we'll show you the highlights of Prague. My name is ..... and I will be your quide today. We start out here on Wencelas Square and then we will go down there to The Old Town, where we'll look at the famous Astronomical Clock, later on we'll take a look to the Jewish quarter and finish at the Charles Bridge. I hope you'll like the tour and if u have any questions just ask me, please.

At first let me tell you a few things about the country and the city. The Czech Republic is a small country about the size of Ireland or Portugal. It has population of 10.5 million people and has a long history of more than one thousand years. The countries capital Prague is the only town with population over 1 milion citizens. Its also the cultural and business centre of the country. The Prague Castle is the seat of the President office. People here speak Czech, it's the slavic tongue similar to Polish. But no worries it's quite easy to learn language, because we have only one word for opening all doors and hearts 'PIVO' Beer. The Czech Republic is the Parlimentary republice therefore the most powerful person and the head of government is the Prime Minister and not the President.

The Wenceslas Square Well, here we are standing on the Wenceslas Square, the business and cultural centre of the city. Its the most important square of the modern Czech history.

Old Town Square[editovat]

Astronomical Clock[editovat]

Franz Kafka[editovat]

Charles Bridge[editovat]

Prague Castle[editovat]


Velvet Revolution[editovat]

Vaclav Havel[editovat]

Prague Spring[editovat]